art cards

tiny illustration / watercolor and ink (and a little colored pencil)

Work in progress ..
loving the texture of these cards...

You never know what will appear.
Another day at home.

(When you miss your little brother)
New project under way.. coming this Fall.

In the leaves

Looking forward to the fall.
Working on a wonderful project that will be coming out this Thanksgiving.

fixing up a sketch, detail work... 
kid is watching...


Just in case anyone needs an artist who can draw chicken wire.
(pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, ink)

Chicken wire

Detail work... chicken wire madness. 
There is something relaxing about the repetition. 
We’ll see how it turns out.
(Pencil over watercolor)
keeping my sense of humor this time of year...

Walking with friends

Larger version of characters from previous sketch..
 working on color.

 snowstorm on its way..
no balloons/flowers quite yet...
NOT friends.

envelope art

for Catholic Schools Week.. 
collection envelope art 

penguins love bubbles

(colored pencil & acrylic)

Wondering what temperature = frozen bubbles.
Antarctic accuracy check.