Just making my way through the end of the summer. Painting on the beach is virtually impossible  :) (gritty and full of sunblock)

Ice Cream Boots & Vanilla Floats

 Happy Summer!

Ice cream boots - for melty summer weather.

(watercolor and pencil blue bird, chocolate and strawberry cone... oreo on top)

I'm slowly getting things up on (search Amy Preveza)

(Vanilla for this guy)

Koi fish series / Watercolor etc

 Working on some koi fish for a friend. 

8by10 - Watercolor/ink/pencil/acrylic on hot press on 140lb Hot Press paper (Fabriano)

CBS Sunday morning art

I'm thrilled to say that my little friend here will get his 3 seconds of fame on CBS Sunday morning tomorrow (4/24) after the daycare segment.Thank you Jessica! ( Without the heart this time :) )

Balancing Act

Life stuff

Work stuff

Art stuff

It's a balancing act, that's for sure.

I'm working on some new things.. 

hope to get it all together soon.

(now to update the website)

CBS Sunday Morning Sun / Mother's Day 2020

Sometimes it's the little things.
What a wonderful treat to have my little sunshine chosen to be featured on CBS Sunday Morning, Mother's Day 2020. 
Thank you Jessica Frank!