one little drawing - spring art cards and prints

Working on some new spring prints and cards... watercolor ink and pencil.

To arrive at Rumors Cafe this week.

Thank you so much for supporting local businesses and the highly caffeinated artists who show their work there.

(:) there their fumble fixed)


one little drawing - hikers meet the sun


Not really sure we will ever see the sun again - but it's a great day for painting (and dreaming of hiking, beautiful views and the sun) 

-watercolor, ink and pencil

one little drawing - man in the moon & gardener

Dark blues for this one - Man in the moon / acrylic and ink



Watercolor splat character... Gardener.

(Soon to be a greeting cards)

Happy St Patrick's Day!


one little drawing

Hello. Maybe you have you have found your way here today after stumbling upon my artwork at Rumors Cafe in Danbury?  That's wonderful! It's such a great spot to sit, have a cup of coffee, enjoy the company of friends and check out the work of local artists.

(pictures will be added very soon)

I am a local artist and teacher here in Danbury. I create cards and large prints, paintings and illustrations, but some of my favorite things to make are the tiny whimsical unplanned drawings and paintings I make on scraps of paper left over from trimming down larger works, or from watercolor spills that happen to mysteriously look like people or places. I hope you enjoy my little drawings, they are meant to be shared and loved, and used to mark your page in a book, surprise someone in a letter, or lunchbox, purse or wallet. 

One little drawing can sometimes mean a whole lot. 

That's the best part. 

If you would like to see my illustration website -


Steve the Greyhound

 Just Steve.

Leftover from spring - finished with caran d'ache/watersoluble, pencil and torn paper (over watercolor and ink)


Night Swimming?

Loch Ness?

Star Gazing?


(Triangle guy again)

Into the woods

 Shadows and purple grass.

Always the moon and the stars and the tress.

No faces.

Not yet.

Where are you going?

Night Ocean aka 3am

 One of my favorites...

3am is the hour of writers,

painters, poets, musicians, silence seekers,

overthinkers and creative people.

We know who you are. 

We can see your light on.

Keep on keeping on.


Oil Painting Tulips WIP

    Oil painting today...(Part 2)  I love the value study/underpainting part (Part 1) - one warm color, no fuss, dark and light. Putting color in there is a whole other ball of wax. So far so good, although I'm not sure what color the tulips are yet. (some sort of light pink maybe) 

Steve the greyhound - being supportive.

 (oil on panel)