"Brinkley Boyd"

Sent to Printer!

 Our newest release, a children's book entitled "Brinkley Boyd of Weymouth" has been locked in and sent to the printer. The formal release date is Oct. 19th. - Turnberry Press

"Petrith Pin" at The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines, NC

(A little something from Turnberry Press... 
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June 2nd: Author Annie Hallinan read "Petrith Pin: The Wee Bear with the Big Difference" to a young but enthusiastic crowd at the Country Bookshop in Southern Pines, NC. About a dozen children showed up for the Friday morning event and Annie had them laughing and answering questions about "being nice" to new friends. Now available in both hard-bound and soft-bound editions, and available to indy bookstores everywhere.

Hardcover available here

Soft-bound available here

Some nights you just have to tear up the phonebook and leave art on the carpet for someone to discover in the morning.


phonebook man

Working on grocery bags again.

A little pencil, a little acrylic, some ink and collage... and oh yes, the old typewriter.

(Love love love the old typewriter.)

"thank you"


Chapter book work on my desk today. 
(Everything looks better in morning sunlight)

Trying to get the details down here.

Setting - Weymouth Center, Southern Pines NC, Christmas time...

Total Framing designed this beautiful frame for my sweet giraffe... she will be featured on their summer promotional postcards.

Thank you Terri and Scott!

check them out at

Brinkley Boyd and Vinnie...

Sketching for a new project with Turnberry Press.

Expected publication date - Sept 2017

sign language fun

rabbit - "baby"
girl - "keep"

Working right to the edge on this one, should be finished soon... white layer on top of the blue should mellow it out a bit. (less violet more blue).. stay tuned.
Happy Valentines Day!
Just getting back from an amazing conference (NY17SCBWI)
now back to the drawing board.

Painting with Pencils

(11 by 17 pencil on kraft paper)
I am pleased with how this one turned out.
(Yep, the rink made it in there too.)
Quick kitty commission...
Angie Talley, Children's Book Buyer at The Country Book Shop
Wall Mouse

I am thrilled to have one of my sketches hanging at the Country Book Shop in Southern Pines NC.

Fabulous News - 17 Weeks on the Sandhills Best-Seller List

Miss Maya P. is enjoying a pile of copies of "The Sweetest Christmas Eve" purchased by her grandmother, Renee R. from Comox, BC. (Photo by Gary R. of Calgary, AB.)

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This is my entry for the SCBWI post card contest.
(Kite themed of course)

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