Finchosaurus - cover art

Thank you Melissa Kim and Islandport Press for coming to me for this cover project, 
and thank you Gail Donovan for writing such a lovely story.  

Check out Finchosaurus here, 

Here are some of my sketches for the the "Finchosaurus project".

playing with watercolor and ink
"milkweed pods"

Lots of balls in the air right now.
Trying some new things.
quick sketch for Inktober day 10
birds on a wire
Inktober day 9 sketch
(taken over by pencils)

"Brinkley Boyd"

Sent to Printer!

 Our newest release, a children's book entitled "Brinkley Boyd of Weymouth" has been locked in and sent to the printer. The formal release date is Oct. 19th. - Turnberry Press